Brand Story

Our journey began humbly, fueled by an appreciation for the finest fabrics and textile construction. Established in 2002, we take pride in our ability to weave traditional techniques with contemporary designs. Most importantly we are committed to only using sustainable fabrics while maintaining the importances of craftsmanship and quality.

Raised in Europe, our founders are deeply connected to the longstanding tradition of natural fiber craftsmanship that spans
generations. This heritage is the essence of every exclusive collection at Linen Way, as we persist in seeking the highest
quality materials from around the world.

Linen Way is dedicated to designing with beauty and purpose for you and your home. Our portfolio of natural, durable products can be found in over 800 boutiques across Canada and the United States.

About Us

We believe in making beautiful homes without harming the planet we all share.
Linen Way seeks to create beauty with purpose. We make durable, natural products that can be cherished forever without harming the natural world. Sustainable materials and processes are crucial to all we do.
We care about how each of our products looks, feels and lasts. So our customers can have beautiful homes while protecting the beautiful planet we live on.

About Our Founder

Svetlana Gouchtchina, hailing from Latvia and Ukraine, brought to Canada in 2001 the rich tradition of textile craftsmanship from her upbringing, where skills like knitting, sewing, and embroidery were passed down through generations.
An already skilled and accomplished writer and teacher at the University of Latvia, Svetlana quickly recognized an opportunity to introduce the beauty and sustainability of natural fabrics married with traditional quality craftsmanship to Canadian homes.
In 2002, that vision took shape, fueled by Svetlana's passion and her daughter Maria's suggestion for the company's name: Linen Way. With her first order of $1000 Canadian dollars, Svetlana embarked on her entrepreneurial journey, starting the business from the cozy confines of their living room.
With continued determination, hard work and continued market demand for natural textiles, Linen Way’s offerings have since grown to include over 700 products. These range from towels, napkins, home décor and clothing. While tradition continues to be core foundation to the company, in 2009 the company moved to its current warehouse and showroom in Concord Ontario marketing a huge milestone for Svetlana and her family.
Over the years, Linen Way products have been featured in various publications such as Canadian House and Home, Chateline, Home and Country and Style at Home to name a few. The first featured spot on CityLine however remains near and dear to Svetlana as it truly propelled the brands success. The very tablecloth, now a cherished memento, still graces the Gouchtchina family’s home, reserved for special occasions.
To date, Svetlana and her family who have also joined the company, Maria and Michael, continue to
dedicate and preserve their heritage with sustainability and the timeless natural beauty of linen.

Our Materials

Starting from sourcing our materials to manufacturing, we consider the impact on the environment. We prioritize sustainable and ethically sourced textiles with a lower environmental footprint. We supporting fair labor practices, and we utilize production methods that reduce waste.

Our Designs

Never mass-produced.
Each Linen Way collection is produced in limited quantities, so you know you are purchasing something unique. As a Canadian company, we design and manufacture many of our products in our headquarters in Toronto. We constantly update our designs, following the latest developments and innovations in textiles and interior design.
We care about every detail that goes into our products, researching and adopting the most sustainable and durable ways of making linen products so that every stage of our production process is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Our Suppliers

Chosen with care.
Our suppliers use sustainable and environmentally friendly processes. We know because we have personally visited every supplier to check manufacturing conditions and production processes.
Many of our suppliers are family-run businesses like ours. They have a long tradition of crafting high-quality, sustainable textiles. Our products are crafted in Canada, Peru, Italy, Portugal, Lithuania, Ukraine, and Latvia.

Our Service

The personal touch.
Despite our growing customer base, we remain a family-run business that sticks to the ideals of small business service. We provide our customers with a flexible, responsive service, and we care about our staff and suppliers.